The Smart Homebuyer Calculator

Imagine knowing RIGHT AWAY if you are making a good financial decision (or not) when buying your first home...

The Smart Homebuyer Calculator


Because 63% of millennials regret having bought their home because they underestimate their costs of owning a home!

Why Is This A Superior Calculator?

Because it includes 3 powerful calculators that help you understand if you should buy a home or not.

Calculator 1: The Future Monthly Costs Calculator

Includes All The Expenses That You'll Have To Pay When You Own A HomeĀ 

Updates Most of Your Expenses Automatically (Including Your Mortgage)

Updates Your Expenses Based On Your Location As Well

The Future Monthly Costs Calculator

Calculator 2: The Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

Gives You An Estimate Of The Profit That You Will Make When You Sell Your Property

Gives You The Return On Investment Per Year

Helps You Calculate Your Property Appreciation Per Year

The Return On Investment Calculator

Calculator 3: The Mortgage Calculator And Amortization Table

Calculates Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Gives You The Complete Amortization Table So That You Can Understand Your Future Mortgage Payments

Mortgage Calculator

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Understand Your Real Expenses When Buying A Home And Avoid Making A Huge Financial Mistake with The Smart Homebuyer Calculator.