My Not-So-Fancy Bio

Laura Moreno Home Buyer Coach

Hi 🙋‍♀️,

My name is Laura and I help first-time homebuyers buy their home with absolute confidence, avoid expensive mistakes, and become an example of success for their family and friends.

I am also the founder of HomeFlow, the host of The First Time Home Buyer Podcast, and a home buyer coach.

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Why Did I Start HomeFlow?

Max and I in Carroll Gardens, where we live now

I started HomeFlow after my first son, Max was born. My maternal instincts really kicked in and I really wanted to buy a home.

The thing is I had no idea how to start and I didn't want to make mistakes and look like a fool in front of my husband.

So I started doing a lot of online research BUT the information was all over the place, it was superficial and many times contradictory.

My aha moment was when I found Llew, my home buying mentor. He answered all my questions and gave me peace of mind and empowered me to buy my first home.

What Happened Next?

450 Clinton
This is the apartment that we bought.

The thing is I was not paying anything for my mentor (a real estate investor) and because he was not with me all the way I still ended up making some expensive mistakes (like not paying more attention to our co-ops reserves) which ended up costing us around $20,000 to be exact.

On top of that, during the process, I also realized that home buyers have no one on their side and that the industry is set up to make us believe that we can trust the professionals that we work with (agents, lenders, and home inspectors) but in reality, we can't!!! 😱

And after all, this is the most expensive purchase in our lives! Don't we deserve someone that we can trust?

This I why I decided to become that person, the only one that tells home buyers 100% the truth, to level up the game and bring JUSTICE, because it is your future and you deserve to know it all.

What Do I Offer?

The First Time Home Buyer Podcast where I interviewed great real estate professionals to give you tips to buy your first home and that has been listened to by over 40,000 really awesome home buyers (crazy right?)

HomeFlow, a free home buying app that guides you through the home buying process, lets you keep everything in one place, and connects you to great professionals